Live life to the fullest without drugs, injections, or surgery

FDA-approved, therapeutic Class IV Laser treatment is a proven solution for chronic and acute pain


State-of-the-art technology delivers deep, penetrating light energy to injured areas


Works on a cellular level to promote the body’s natural healing process


Non-invasive, non-toxic, and no known side effects

Changing Peoples Lives is what we do here at BrightWave:

“We are absolutely grateful for Sarah and her dedication to helping me keep Stella on her track as a dancer! Her guidance and expertise in laser treatments have educated me in the importance on staying on top of my little athlete. Stella’s ability to be honest with Sarah at what’s happening in her body not only has built a trust with Stella, but also is teaching her to be intuitive about her body as she grows. I absolutely would send a friend to see her!! Actually anyone who knows me knows I would talk to a complete stranger and send the as well, because I not only see but I believe in its effectiveness.”